Tuesday, May 1, 2012

L'Oreal Gold Rewards- New Codes

I posted about this back in March, to sign up for L'Oreal Gold Reward and get free hair color after entering 5 codes. I have a few more free codes that you can enter. So you should be able to get your free color now.
After you get all 5 they will mail you a coupon for a free box. Then you can start all over again.
Superior Preference: 20V 12H401, 4A 12H401
Superior Preference: 4a 12H500     
• Preference shade 5 12G606
• Preference shade 5A 12G800
• Preference shade 6 12H104
• Preference shade 6 12F509
Sublime Mousse (20V): 30H204 , 30GN04, 30H102, 30H300
Root Rescue: 12G403, 12G4UU,
30gd00 – Sublime Mousse (Pure Light Blond Color #90)
12CN01 – Healthy Look Crème Gloss   

A985093 Join L'Oreal Gold Rewards to get free L'oreal hair color after you enter 5 codes. Go Here to register and here are some codes to get you started:
Feria #36 HE192
Feria #56 12G600
Feria #67 12G400
Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401
 Dark Auburn 12G401
Preference shade 5 12F900
Preference shade 5 HE288
Preference shade 5 12G502            

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