Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ibotta Offers Savings On When And Where To Shop

Ibotta users have now earned over $100 million in total cash back earnings, and we've learned some pretty neat things along the way. With these tips and tricks on how to find the best prices while shopping, you'll never overpay for staple items again.
6-PACK OF BEER Walmart | Target | Kroger
BOTTLE OF WINE Walgreens | Walmart | Sam’s Club
PRODUCE Food4Less | Albertsons | Kroger
BREAD Dollar General | Family Dollar | Walmart
SNACKS Dollar General | Walmart | Family Dollar
ICE CREAM Dollar General | Family Dollar | Walmart
BEAUTY PRODUCTS Family Dollar | Dollar General | Kroger
CLEANING PRODUCTS Family Dollar | Dollar General | Walmart
SUNSCREEN Dollar General | Target | Walmart
MONDAY Beer | Ice Cream | Sunscreen | Beauty
THURSDAY Cleaning Products
FRIDAY Snacks | Bread

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